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The British Museum

Museum Funding: A 360-degree View

Costs, Benefits, & Sponsors of Museum Digitization

An investigation leaded by Indrajeet Yadav, Editorial direction Julien Vandanjon, assisted by Alicia Piot-Bouysse.

Digitization of museum collections becomes more necessary than before in order to reach out to a larger, “virtual” audience, what with the COVID-19 pandemic unleashing pandemonium on the global economy and barring tourists and locals from visiting museums – the veritable bastions of art and culture. Even otherwise, digitization is essential to conserve cultural heritage. It comes at cost though. And with European governments getting thrifty about donating to museums, the question of museum funding grabs the centre stage!

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Technology in Art

How Museums & Universities are Utilizing Hi-Tech Tools in Art Exhibition & Research

Article written in collaboration with Indrajeet Yadav, Editorial direction Julien Vandanjon, Assistance Mariana Turiel.

If visuals are engaging, three-dimensional representations are powerful. Combine this with an enthralling story, and the recipe for superpower is complete. Precisely how technology is producing a groundbreaking effect on the world of art exhibition and research. Museums and universities are tapping into this boundless pool of possibilities, although loud whispers of concern are audible.

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